Why Wp ZipHost

Our Solution

We don’t need to compromise either price or speed. Here at Wp ZipHost, we can provide fast servers at reasonable cost. For any new website, our $7.99/month hosting package is great to get started quickly, even if you want to run an ecommerce website. We designed the system to be very flexible and easy for you to start a website without shopping around online.

Speed is everything!

Good web hosting is the key to a speedy website. There were once many good hosting providers, but it has become so hard to find good hosting that we started offering our own, based on the premise that we would do everything possible to keep them fast by avoiding overcrowding.


Another typical web hosting scenario is good service, but way too pricey. For instance, on WordPress.com, it costs $45/month for an ecommerce website, while $35/month on wpengine is just a startup package. For small website owners, this is a big burden.